Hospitality Automation

Voirde Limited offer a completed automation control for residential and commercial building, include lighting automation, Curtain Control, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), LED Show control, Background Music, home appliance control, Energy management, safe and security, Remote control by Smart Phone, Pad or internet etc.
Characteristics of hotel projects and hospitality facility projects are complexity, continuity, flexibility and maintainability.

Business Challenges

  1. High Business Revenue Fluctuation
  2. High Operational Cost
  3. Upgrade the existing facility


  1. Service Automation (BMS, Room Automation & Integrated System )
  2. High End Security System
  3. Space ( Office Interior) Design & Turnkey Solutions
  4. Material Research & Consulting
  5. Custom Integrated Solutions
  6. Energy Management
  7. Project Management Consulting

Business Value

  1. Integration of new building services with existing, including IT infrastructure  Planning & scheduling sequence of work, events and relocation of hotel service route
  2. One Window Solutions for Office Interiors & Automation
  3. Service integration with business KPI’s
  4. Benefit of Green Building Programs